30 Minute Screening!

Watch interviews of people who have been bullied and those who have bullied!

We interviewed people from different parts of Georgia; from different walks of life and with different life's experiences.  What was most interesting is the interviews of those who were once bullies and how their lives have changed!

Edited by then 15 year old Quint Scott who was also the Associate Producer at our parent company Lali Productions.

Quint was 15 years old and spent his free time editing this movie on Windows Media.  His parents Roderick and Stephanie Scott completely financed the project.  The making of the movie was a labor of love and faith from all involved!

Forum Following the Screening...

Bullying is a deadly social disease.  Our youth between the ages of 10 and 14 are committing suicide and we must offer solutions to prevent this loss of life.  When the movie was produced in 2012, cyber bullying had just begun.  Six years later it is the primary use, besides texting, of bullies who torment those who are unable to stand the pressure.  Let us sit down, enjoy light refreshments and discuss a game plan to empower our youth so they don't grow up to display this destructive behavior as adults.  Bullies grow up! According to recent statistics, over 30% of those who bully end up in the criminal justice system. We must save our children in order to save our own lives!

Limited Seating!


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We will only seat 40 people for this showing.  An intimate setting where we will enjoy healhy finger foods, all vegan, from Sevananda!  This will enable us to discuss solutions.  Our goal is to shoot Bullying: A Shameful Dilemma Revisted, the second part of our documentary series on bullying.  It is our aim to continue this fight to save the lives of our youth a day at a time, a life at a time.  Even the loss of one life is one too many.  Please join us as we move from bystanders to community activists with a goal to resolve!